Freij Entertainment

World Biggest Travelling Operator of Amusment Rides

Freij Entertainment International commenced operations in Europe in 1987, specializing in travelling amusement rides, circus’s and outdoor events. Freij Entertainment expanded operations to the Middle East, Arab Gulf Region and the Far East with Dubai being the hub of operation. Since that time the Company grew day by day and year after year and now has become the world largest travelling operator of funfairs, carnival rides and skilled games on the circuit today. After the success of “Dubai Shopping Festival” our first festival in the Gulf region, the “Dubai Shopping Festival” became a well-known annual Event and now is repeated in many other countries following suit with the success of Dubai. Freij Entertainment was one of the first operator and supplier to host successful Events in countries such as Oman, Salalah, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and others around the UAE Region. Since 1989, Freij Entertainment opened the door in the Asian market starting in Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. In 2005, due to the huge success of the “Freij Global Carnival” in Shanghai it opened the door for the China market as we entertained millions of people including the successful Event last year in Pudong “Shanghai Grand Carnival 2011” at the famous Shanghai Expo Site. Today, Freij Entertainment is a world class travelling entertainment company with no competitor on our benchmark with 1000’s of Shipping Containers, 100s of Trailers, 500 rides, more than 800 skill games, 10 travelling International Circus’s, 30,000sqm of Indoor tent Exhibition , more than 50,000 type sitting galleries and over 12 variety of Stunt Shows together with first class and unique amusement ride designs. Freij Entertainment today has added to our large portfolio the highest transportable Observation Wheels to serve the market from Europe, America and Asia and now crossing the Dubai market. The proud collection of giant wheels we have now touring on the market is the famous Asian giant wheel “The Eye on Malaysia”, the historical giant wheel “The Grand Roue de Paris”, and the well lite up giant wheel “The Dubai Sky Wheel” these famous wheels are known on the market as the largest travelling giant Ferris wheels in the World. In 2011, Freij Entertainment entertained over 22 million visitors from all across the Planet of all ages enjoying our entertainment, shows and amusement rides and we will continue to entertain the people for years to come!


Freij Entertainment Carnival Mega Event

• Hosts and entertains more than 3 millions visitors
• Site is 100, 150.000 Square meters
• Provide more than 3 mega shows
• Managed by a professional carnival staff of 300 plus expatriates
• Hires up to 1000 local staff in a host city
• Offers more than 50 rides and 60 skill games plus challenge games
• Conducts numerous news conferences and media activities

Freij Entertainment Offers Sponsors The Opportunity To Participate In The Carnival

• Tv
• Radio
• Internet
• Telecom and sms
• In restaurants and pops
• Print
• Circus show sponsorship
• Food and beverage sponsor
• Bill boards
• Light boxes
• Posters
• Product sampling
• Flyers
• Stage access and entertainment
• Redemption
• Ride and games sponsorship
• Stunt shows sponsorship


Our Rides are erected and operated by fully trained members of staff. Great Emphasis is placed on our safety conserve. Ensuring a safe and pleasurable environment is enjoys by all. We operate under guidelines. Set out by the Fair ground. All amusement rides are tested annually, this test is carried out by independent engineers on behalf of the health and safety executive. All major rides have ultrasonic inspection in every two years. All rides carry a current insurance and test certificate. Our fully trained staffs erect, dismantle, maintain and operate the machinery. Freij Entertainment has the expertise and knowledge to deliver and outstanding level of service to their customers. All rides can be set up and taken down in little time. Our main effort has been focused on safety and the maximum level of quality standard has been always our main aim. Over 30 years since we began providing Fairgrounds and Futifairs stalls corporate clients, we have gained a huge network of contacts.

We are proud today to be able to provide the best traveling and latest models of rides available in the world.