With Freij Entertainment, the circus has a special and unique flavor and experience different from other outfits, as we are keen to always offer the best of shows, displays and spectacular acts brought from various countries worldwide after careful selection.

With a focus on innovation and change to spur our efforts and bring them to the leading forefront of the market, we always ensure the strength of our programs and their inclusion of special shows that bring happiness and pleasure to the viewing crowd.

Such mix of creativity, various shows and the international flavoring offered by the various acts have given a new dimension to our shows and established it as one of the best in the industry.

In fact, we have developed such an exclusive and fine taste in the design, development and implementation of our circus shows that we have become leaders in our field. We are now capable of designing and creating powerful and exciting programs that suit the taste of our visiting international public from around the world and adds the taste and smell of adventure to it.

Qualified Trainers:

Freij Entertainment boasts a professional team of qualified trainers that are specialized in circus shows and exhibitions as well to provide for quality veterinarian services for the animals to ensure that they maintain their best shape and are always ready for the circus shows.

And following the same fast deployment strategy of our various units in Freij Entertainment to guarantee a speedy service to our client, the circus department is a unit that enjoys complete operational independence as per the highest quality standards and development applied in the circus industry across the world.

Efficiency and quality service in circus set up:

Thanks to our vast experience, we are capable at Freij Entertainment of mounting up a circus in 48 hours, complete with all its services, facilities and equipment such as lights and sound effects that add beauty and splendor to our shows.

Acrobatic shows:

Freij Entertainment offers various quality shows such as the dare devil car rides, the motorcycles rope balancing acts, water diving shows, parading carnivals, the canon man, motorcycle and bike shows as well as the bike’s dare devil balancing acts on wires.

Also, as part of its efforts to provide for a comprehensive range of games, our compnay established a unit for skills and profit games to allow the public to measure and test their skills and abilities in a fun and entertaining style offering winners memorabilia and gifts that are dear to the heart.